2018 Digital Marketing Trends

2018 Digital Marketing Trends 1

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a large or small company, both have the same dream and goals. They all want to be successful and of course, to have more paying customers! The best thing to do to achieve this goal is to come up with a strong and effective marketing strategy.

In this Digital Era, we can all see the big picture of how digital marketing is helping businesses to build and gain brand identity dramatically.

The Digital Marketing Trend is constantly changing over time just like everything else in this world. It is innovating and developing. We are all required to follow through, upgrade and keep up with this new direction if we don’t want to be left behind by the world or worst by our competitors.

As 2018 enters, the Digital Marketing scope which mainly consists of SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing and PPC and other things are making a big shift. The digital marketing trend this 2018 is taking up everything to the next level.

If you are still doing the same old marketing strategy, you might be stabilizing your business but not making much sense. Here are the top digital marketing strategies every business should take note of and must adopt in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence-Based Chatbots

AI is the smart bots that can predict the behavior of the consumers and it has contributed a lot to the market today. Only a few succeeded playing with these smart beasts because they exactly know when and how to use them.

AI or chatbots is a computer program that creates a conversation with a human being. It is a challenge for any company to assist customers 24/7. This AI technology can definitely assist your customers 24 hours, 7 days. 

The big names of various industries are using chatbots as well. One of the most popular AI-based technology is Siri of Apple. Uber is also using chatbots. Thousands of passengers wanted to hire a car and you can book yours even by using Facebook Messenger.

Social Media Marketing

The most used and popular platform in digital marketing is Social Media. It has proven its worth in providing brand establishment and promotion.  Small and Big businesses love it.

People are spending most of their time browsing through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. Businesses that are being wise take advantage of this medium to promote and offer their products and services.

Social Media is a practical freeway of digital marketing. A video is one of the most compelling ways to advertise then upload it to the popular social media platform like Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Sooner or later, you’ll get noticed by your target audience.

Voice Search

A not so known digital marketing trend of 2018 is voice search. The journey has not been easy. However, there is a rise in the use of voice search assistance. Some of the companies that use voice search are OK Google, Alexa, and Cortana.

The key to keeping up with the latest trend is to use the most relevant keywords mostly used by the consumers, make long sentences and/or question-based sentences.


2018 is a significant year for digital marketing innovation. To keep your brand ahead of the competition, you must be willing to follow the trends but it is not necessary to change your approach. Mixing the old and new ways can create a big impact.