A 2018 Guide to Chatbots

A 2018 Guide to Chatbots 1

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot is a service run by artificial intelligence, where you can interact via a chat interface. The service can be used for so many types of things, from businesses to fun. It is used by some of the major platforms on the web like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Text Messages, etc. If you haven’t encountered it yet, don’t worry. Here’s an example so you can visualize a chatbot.

Example: If you are looking for shoes online, you can go to their website, choose from their items and pay. Another wise and easy option today when purchasing is going to the shoe store’s Facebook page. This way you can message the store using the Facebook chat or Messenger, the chatbot will ask you what you need or what you are looking for and it would simply tell you or answer you.

There are other examples of chatbots. The shoe company is the not the ones using chatbots. Lots of big and small businesses are changing the game of digital marketing using chatbots.

We’ve listed the chatbot examples that are useful:

– News Bot. You can ask the bot for any interesting new or current events happening.

– Grocery bot. Ideal for mothers and busy people. Instead of driving your way to the supermarkets, it can help you pick out and order groceries for your needs.

– Weather bot. Ask what weather you should expect for the day before you go out.

– Life advice bot. If you are confused and feeling alone, ask the bot to help you find solutions.

– Finance bot. Helps you manage your finances and money better.

– Scheduling bot. Ideal for professionals to schedule meetings in a hassle-free way.

Chatbots are just helpful because customer support representatives cannot always attend to the customers 24/7.

Why Make a Bot?

It’s cool and advanced. Yes, it is! But why should you invest your time and money on a chatbot?


Want to know why people care about chatbots? People are using messaging apps than social networks. People are more interested in conversations and engagements. Logically, if you want to establish your business online, you must be where the audience are. That place is no other than inside messenger apps.

People are interested more in getting quick and real time answers. You’ll get notice more if you have a smooth and seamless customer service. That’s why many businesses are getting crazy over chatbots. It creates huge opportunities to find leads and real paying customers.

How does Chatbots Work?

There are two types of chatbots, one is based on a set of rules, and the other one uses machine learning because it is the advanced version.

Chatbot that functions based on rules:

Responds to very specific commands

– Has limited answers

– It sometimes doesn’t understand what you mean and give you wrong answers

– It is only smart enough as it is programmed to be

Chatbot that functions using a machine learning:

– It is the Artificial Intelligence.

– It understands language, not just commands

-It gains more knowledge by having more conversation with humans

Chatbots have purpose

Chatbots are not created just so people will have something to talk to. It is the advanced version of customer support. Though it cannot be compared to a real customer service person, it saves businesses a lot of times to answer inquiries as soon as possible. A quick reply proves that a business will have a better chance to have a buyer or gain followers.

Artificial Intelligence

Are you confused how chatbots or artificial intelligence work and if it is hard to do?

In fact, you don’t have to be a professional app developer to or AI expert to create an awesome and functioning chatbot. You can hire experts to do it for you.

How to Build Chatbots

It sounds impossible and intimidating but it’s doable. If you really want to create your very own Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots or chose to have the basic one, you can really do so.

Simple steps on how to create chatbots

  • Determine the purpose or the use of your bot
  • Choose which platform your bot will be placed to (Facebook, Slack, etc.)
  • Setup your server to the platform you will run your bot from
  • Choose which service you will use to build your bot

Chatbots are the game changes of the competitive online businesses. You have stand out and be where the people are. If you cannot build your own bot, find the skilled and certified techs to help you build the bot that is perfect for you!