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Welcome to On The Mark Digital. I’m Mark and I would like to personally welcome you to our website. If you are here, you are here for a reason. I hope to inspire you with the enthusiasm and passion I have for doing what I love, helping people rediscover and reignite their own passions for their own business. 


We are a digital design, advertising, marketing and social media agency. We love what we do. We are very fortunate to do what we love. It is always our goal to be our best and give our clients what they deserve for their money, passionate service. So who are we?

As a child, I lived on one end of the street and our Director of Operations, Tony, lived on the other end. It didn’t matter what we did, we loved to compete! Tennis ball baseball, touch football, riding bikes or whatever. We competed. Losing was not an option and if the sun went down, the street lights went on, as did the game we were playing. There was no quit in us and sometimes our passions turned into heated arguments. “That was not a foul ball”, “I didn’t step out of bounds” or “He was out”, were our common arguments when we were kids. You should know our passion for competing, winning, and trying our hardest, started way back in grade school on a street where knees were scraped and elbows were bruised.  “It’s hit deep, real deep, he is running, he jumps, HE MAKES THE CATCH, he hits a parked car in mid-air, but he never drops the ball. We are On The Mark Digital and we don’t drop the ball. We may face plant but we don’t drop the ball when the game is on the line.

Mark Gonzales


On The Mark Digital

New York & San Francisco


We feature (2) awesome locations. Our corporate office is located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area’s North Bay. You might better know this area as the “Wine Country”. Our second office was opened in early 2017 because we decided we wanted a piece of our competitor’s pie and we decided that we wanted to eat it in the heart of the advertising capital, New York. So I, packed my bags and loaded up the family for some work and play in the Big Apple. The result was a beautiful office with a talented staff in the heart of Manhattan.


It all started with a belief, a desire and a dream way back in 2007. I was a life long career internet security manager with a fascination for programming, technology and the pursuit of what freedoms my own business would bring me. After years of helping Fortune 500 companies, who were stressed out that their network or computer systems were not working, but only provided me a roll of tape to fix the problem, I left San Francisco and ventured back north and a place I call home, the Sonoma County wine county. I felt that rural blue skies, rolling green hills and fresh air was what I needed to launch my biggest adventure yet!

The dream was to help eager people, who truly wanted to invest in using technology, as a means for securing their company’s future growth. The plan was to introduce technology to hungry professionals, who were amazing at managing their business, but knew little about how to implement sound technology and grow their business. 

As time went on and our client list grew with customers profiting from our services, they told their friends, who told their friends about all the wonderful things we did for them. Our current clients invested more money in their advertising and marketing campaigns to made even more money from what we did for them. Our new clients grew envious of their peers who invested more with us, so they invested more too, seeking the same awesome returns. One door opened another and here we are today, fighting and competing in two of the largest advertising markets in the world, San Francisco and New York! We learned that if you work really hard, speak from the passion in your heart and treat everyone with kindness, the world has a way of rewarding you.


We built our company with one goal in mind, to make our clients thrive with an online presence that brings growth to their companies. We more than believe that, we live it. Every day we get the pleasure of working with clients who are inspired to work with us because they know our results work best when everyone is communicating and collaborating. After all, the only reason a company would ever consider hiring us is if they wanted good help from nice people.

We believe that if you are small or medium sized business seeking to gain more exposure in your local marketplace, we can get you there. We also get excited to work with large corporations who are driven to capture market share from their competitors because we like the feeling of knowing our campaigns make some of our corporate clients, millions, and millions of dollars each year. 


Why did you start your business? What are your goals? Are you a new company just starting off and dreaming of new riches? Or are you an established company, scratching your head and trying to understand the value a digital advertising agency like ours can bring you? Do you believe that with the right strategy, the Internet is a powerful lead generation tool? Do you see everyone around you connected to a phone, on the internet, looking for things to buy or just spending hours on social media? Have you ever noticed how frustrated people are when they can’t get connected to the internet? It causes so much panic and stress to a majority of our friends, family, co-workers and even us. I mean this sincerely, take a look around, the world has changed, the world has what it wants at its fingertips. Is your business in front of them or are they going to be frustrated they can’t connect to you?