Web Design - Completed Project Sign-Off Form

By signing below you agree to the following terms:
  • You confirm that you are an authorized agent/signee of the Client for which is engaged in a web development contract with On The Mark Digital.
  • You confirm that you have looked through the site in its entirety. You have clicked on every link and menu item as well as reviewed all content for errors, misspellings, and typos and have determined the site to be complete. 
  • You confirm you have looked at the site on a computer(laptop or desktop), different internet browsers(Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari), Tablets, and mobile devices and are satisfied with the site layout and function across multiple platforms.  
  • You confirm you tested all contact forms on your new website and have received notification of form submissions via email(if applicable).
  • You confirm that you have tested any 3rd party applications or plugins that have been integrated into your site(such as Booking systems, Payment systems, 3rd Party Form systems, Marketing Automation systems, and E-commerce systems) and are satisfied with their integration and function. 
  • You confirm that your web development contract has been completed and fulfilled. 
  • You understand that any changes to the original design, layout, or code, from the date of this signature, could result in added costs to the client, at a rate of $89.00 per hour and that On The Mark Digital reserves the right to solely determine the costs of any such changes, to the original design, layout, or code by any methods it deems acceptable and common practice. Furthermore, On The Mark Digital will provide an estimate of any additional costs and will only proceed when you or the client has approved the additional costs.
  • By signing below, you affirm that On The Mark Digital has completed your website project.

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