Graphic Design in Santa Rosa

Graphic Design in Santa Rosa 1

Your company isn’t just a network of employees and executives with a common interest – it is a brand, pure and simple! If you can’t catch the eye of your target customer base with an overall company image worthy of their attention, you’re not going to convert those same customers into initial and continued profits. On the Mark Digital is a one-stop shop when it comes to enhancing your company’s overall image with eye-popping graphic design and branding techniques. In addition, while the “Digital” in On the Mark Digital speaks to our company’s skill in the world of online marketing, our experienced design staff can also provide you with top-of-the-line marketing materials offline.

Need an eye-popping brochure full of color and life to catch your target consumer’s eye?


Ready to wow new business contact, investors, and customers with a refined business card which finds itself popping out of the front of their wallets for weeks to come?


Need to kick start a real-world marketing campaign with a flyer that combines the best your company’s image has to offer with the finest in graphic design reinvention and augmentation?

You guessed it – WE DO THAT.

On the Mark Digital’s experienced design staff is here to listen to you and get a hold on your company’s vision, not dictate to you what your company’s image should convey. By partnering with On the Mark Digital, you can take your ideas and make them shine with stellar photography and impeccable graphic design and formatting, turning photos into beautiful marketing materials and logos into works of art. After all, your company only has one chance to make a first impression. Why risk making a bad one?


You may be asking – why should my company invest in flyers, brochures and business cards when digital marketing and advertising is the way of the future? The answer is that, even at the most tech-forward of conventions and gatherings, people still greet each other by exchanging business cards, exchange information through the use of brochures, and let others in on the latest happening on a company’s business calendar with an informative flyer. No matter how advanced our business culture gets from a traditional Web and mobile marketing perspective, paper-based marketing materials still hold a ton of weight in the overall advertising and marketing world, be it through communication with potential partners in your field or by attracting new customers with imagery that screams, “Pay attention to me!

On the Mark Digital’s expert graphic design team creates effective flyers, brochures, business cards and paper marketing materials which marry the best of what digital innovation has to offer with the elegance that you’ve come to expect from the medium. Whether it’s turning our digital design expertise into pure gold on a brochure or helping you rethink you company’s logo and image to set your business cards apart from the countless others being passed around in your field of choice, On The Mark Digital has you covered. As we said before – when it comes to providing the best graphic design at the best prices, be it with digital or paper media, WE DO THAT.