Why not having a Social Media strategy is costing your company!

Why not having a Social Media strategy is costing your company! 1

Want your business to survive an ever-changing marketplace at this particular time of the digital age? (awk) If you’re not on the social media bandwagon, pushing your company forward with a measured and intelligent social media marketing strategy, you will find yourself simply unable to hold your head above water. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other popular social media services drive the marketplace in every field where businesses compete to grab a hold on a healthy share of a customer base. It’s the way of the future for every business from retail stores to law firms going forward, and an effective attack plan on the social media marketing front is the only way to compete. Period.

On The Mark Digital’s tireless efforts to push its clients into the Social Media Age goes far beyond SEO-based digital marketing strategies. By taking the reins of a company’s social media strategy and ensuring that the business is utilizing Facebook, Twitter and other services in the most efficient and profitable ways possible, On The Mark expands the pool of customers a business can reach AND gets those customers to provide REPEAT BUSINESS that will continuously work wonders for a company’s bottom line.

How much profit will On the Mark Digital’s social media marketing service bring to your business over the long haul? A study completed by the University of Buffalo School of Management recently indicates that customers who engage with a company via social media contribute nearly 6 percent more to a firm’s bottom line than customers who do not engage with a company’s social media accounts. Six percent may not seem like a lot to those out of the business loop, but an additional six-percent boost from a company’s active customer base can and will make a difference between a company barely surviving a competitive marketplace and an innovative thought leader which uses social media to propel its profitability into the stratosphere.

Simply put, traditional digital marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization and pay-per-click advertising are only one part of a greater puzzle. Without an experienced social media marketing staff working 24/7 to maintain your company’s public face across the vast array of social media channels, you are rolling the dice – gambling on the fact that your company will survive in spite of a lackluster social media presence. It is absolutely crucial to have an experienced staff like On the Mark Digital’s social media marketing team on your side IF you want to maximize profits and stay relevant.

Let’s take Facebook, for example. The world’s most widely used social media site boasts a monthly active user base of 1.44 BILLION. Taking a deeper look at that astronomical figure from a mobile phone perspective, 486,183 users access Facebook via mobile EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF THE DAY. Without a strong social media marketing presence on Facebook, you are losing out on nearly 500,000 potential customers – Not daily, not hourly, but MINUTE BY MINUTE. On the Mark Digital’s crack social media marketing staff knows just how valuable an effective Facebook strategy is to your business. By taking the reins on Facebook for your company, analyzing the trends and habits your target customer base exhibits on a day-to-day basis, and highlighting your company’s message with both clarity and style, On the Mark Digital will tap into the bottomless pool of potential customers on Facebook with invaluable results.

Now you’re probably asking – why should I entrust an outside firm to manage my company’s social media presence? The shortlist is a combination of experience, analytics, an outside perspective, and perhaps most important of all, time saved. On The Mark Digital has done the leg work for a host of successful companies in the world of social media marketing, tailoring each company’s overall social media marketing plan to best attract and maintain a customer base with the power of Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and a wide variety of other social media platforms. This isn’t just done on pure instinct, mind you. One of the true benefits of hiring an outside marketing firm like On the Mark Digital is the fact that the countless threads of valuable statistics and information available on social media platforms on a second-by-second basis can only be capitalized on if you have the right analytical tools and expertise at your fingertips. Did you know that Tumblr provides companies across the spectrum with an (average revenue per brand site visit (RPV) of $1.10 – second only to Facebook? Did you know that Tumblr boast a yearly global user growth rate of 74%? That’s HUGE, and there’s still thousands upon thousands of business out there – from private to public, across multiple platforms from retail to attorney services – that haven’t even considered Tumblr as a valuable revenue source? With an experienced social media marketing firm like On the Mark Digital running your company’s social media channels, your company instantly becomes an expert on EVERYTHING social media. In fact, you’re losing profit every minute you leave social media marketing low on your priority list – and MAJOR profit, at that.

In addition to experience and analytical savvy, On the Mark Digital provides candid feedback and an outside perspective on your brand’s image which can help you tweak your overall imprint with fantastic, hyper-profitable results. Having trouble getting retweets on Twitter? Struggling to hit the right hashtags at the right time on Instagram? On the Mark Digital’s prime social media marketing specialty is refining processes and rethinking approaches with a fresh, innovative set of eyes. And, On the Mark Digital does all of this while saving you valuable time to focus on other crucial aspects of the business. Let On the Mark Digital take over your social media channels and you’ll have a major source of exposure and profit locked down while you attack your to-do list elsewhere.

In short, effective social media marketing means big things for your bottom line and even bigger things for your company’s overall imprint and customer outreach. The experts at On the Mark Digital are here to do that work for you, while you reap the benefits day in and day out.