Professional Photography in Santa Rosa

Whatever you’re selling – be it attorney services, high-end retail products, or anything in between – how you come across to potential customers plays a critical role in whether or not you can convert business visibility into profit. On the Mark Digital is fully aware of this, employing a top-notch staff of professional photographers that will help you to brand your business with elegance and clarity. Simply put, if your company’s visual imprint looks cheap and outdated, customers are going to you’re your company in the exact same light. However, if you use professional photography to communicate quality, you will bring in customers who are looking for quality and who will part with their hard-earned dollars to get it! Be it in digital or traditional print media, On the Mark Digital will sharpen up you company’s image with eye-popping photographs of photographs, models, employees, or anything else you need highlighted to bring your company’s overall vision to light.

Want an example of why beautiful, professional photography is essential to your company’s overall marketing scheme? Let’s take a look at Facebook. Over 70% of the posts on the world’s most effective social media marketing service are photographs of one thing or another. According to recent studies, potential customers react and respond to Facebook advertising posts with images at a rate of 200% more than posts without them. In order for your company to survive in this age of digital ubiquity, the image of your business needs to be shareable and worth sharing. Simple conveyance of information through text just doesn’t cut it. You need professional photography on the level of the services provided by On the Mark Digital to ensure that your company’s image is worth looking at on mobile and traditional Web formats, AND has that certain pop that will convert basic product and service visibility into cold, hard cash.

A picture isn’t just worth a thousand words. It can be worth millions of dollars! Take the visual genius of the folks over at Apple – simple branding techniques, mixed with cutting-edge photography in all of their branding materials has pushed them from behind the digital curve a couple of decades ago to the forefront of Web innovation and profit share. Professional photography of the highest form has raked in billions of dollars for Apple executives, employees and investors. The best thing about this is that the secret to success isn’t a secret! Great visual marketing means increased profits. If you’re put your company’s image on the backburner and choose not to invest in professional photography to make your business pop across all marketing mediums, you’re losing money, period. On the Mark Digital won’t let that happen. Our professional photographers will bring your company’s vision to life with artful, sharp, and clear shots that communicate elegance and quality in its highest form. The only way your company is going to outdistance the competition is by proving your worth to your target customer base. The only way to have that opportunity to prove your worth is by getting your target customer’s base attention in the first place. That’s where On the Mark Digital’s professional photography services come in to create initial customer engagement which will convert to increased profits in the short and long term