Professional Videography Services


Want in on a profitable secret that will both boost your company’s profitability and pique the interest of thousands of potential customers you didn’t even think to reach out to firsthand? VIDEO. ALL VIDEO, ALL THE TIME. We here at On the Mark Digital pride ourselves on our professional videography staff’s ability to produce clear, concise videos which both convey your company’s message AND draw new eyes to your product with the quality you’d expect from an expert marketing and advertising firm.

Why video? Why now? For one, consumable online video is KING nowadays and critical to the survival of your business in shark-infested, digital waters. The best way to navigate those waters with care is to create sharable video content for consumption on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. In fact, videos on social media generate a whopping 1200% more shares than texts and media combined! If you want to expand your customer base to include influential millennials just entering their consumer prime, reaching them on social media (and on YouTube) is the way to go! It’s all about intent. If you want to convey your message in quick, entertaining bursts, a well-placed Facebook video will get everyone from millennials to baby boomers buzzing. On the Mark Digital’s professional videography team can do just that for your, or we can take advantage of the sheer mass of people and logged hours on YouTube with more extensive content built to keep your target customers enthralled and in line to purchase your wares. YouTube is 11.3 times bigger than Facebook when it comes to hours of content viewed, which means it’s the perfect medium for a skilled videography department, like that at On The Mark Digital, to pull new customers in and build stronger bonds with repeat customers thanks to informative, short- or long-form content.

It’s not just social media and YouTube, either! Google, Bing, and the other tops of the search engine pops are starting to ding company websites stuck in the Stone Age – utilizing their search algorithms to give keyword and key phrase priority to websites containing quality and relevant videos. A recent study indicates that companies using video on their websites enjoy a startling 41% more search traffic than competitors who don’t. 41 percent! In addition, once customers land on a company’s website filled with professionally-made, artful videos, they are 80% more likely to be converted into customers after an initial glance. That’s where On the Mark Digital’s videography service will make you money, and bushels of it. By skillfully taking your vision, your ideas, and your passion and putting it into video form for all of your target customer base to see, On the Mark Digital will get you clicks – whether it’s on YouTube, on Facebook, via search, or through a multitude of other entry points. Solid video gets seen. Good video gets watched. Great video makes money. On the Mark Digital never settles for solid or good, and that means nothing but great things for your company’s bottom line going forward.