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Is your website ready and in shape to compete with your competitors in the true Digital Age? You might think so, but if your company’s site isn’t fully mobile-optimized and built to cater to a vast and consistently growing base of mobile Internet users, your company’s marketing efforts are facing a major roadblock. A recent study found that there are a staggering 3.65 billion unique global mobile users around the world, and that 1.91 billion of those users are in possession of some type of smartphone. Think about that for a second – there are nearly two billion potential customers out there at the forefront of digital and web innovation, closing laptops for long stretches of time while increasingly getting their Web fix via mobile. eMarketer’s research center predicts that half of the world’s population will have access to a smartphone by 2018. On the Mark Digital knows what that means for the modern business and its marketing efforts. If your website suffers from interminable loading times, plugins which don’t translate over to mobile, and doesn’t contain hallmarks of mobile marketing such as tailored ads and mobile-optimized video, you’re in trouble. On the Mark Digital is here to save the day. Our web development team is versed in creating clean, professional websites that maximize earning potential and highlight a company’s message in the best light possible, both in a traditional Web format and on mobile.

Let’s talk bottom line. Just two years ago, worldwide ad spending by mobile customers came in at $18 billion. That’s an impressive number, but it’s not nearly as jaw-dropping as the $41.9 billion projection that the folks over at Gartner have earmarked for the 2017 fiscal year. Mobile ad spend is increasing on an exponential scale as more consumers get access to smartphones and current customers begin to eschew the traditional browsing experience for the convenience of mobile. However, it’s not just the proliferation of mobile advertising which makes it essential for you to have a web development team with a mobile eye (such as the experienced staff at On the Mark Digital) on your side. It’s the quality and intuition of the new era of mobile advertising which is pushing mobile advertising profits into the stratosphere. On the Mark Digital’s web development team wants you to get a nice thick slice of that mobile jackpot pie, whether it’s by helping you get your product out there via mobile advertising outlets off-site or by simply pushing your website’s mobile experience to the front of the line when it comes to ease of use, user satisfaction, and simple aesthetic attractiveness.

A mobile website that doesn’t play to the strengths of the format will turn potential customers into boosted profit margins for your competitors. Per a study by Google, over 67% people indicate that mobile-friendly websites make them more likely to buy a product or use a service. Furthermore, 61% of those respondents indicated that a mobile-unfriendly website is likely to cause them to cut loose from a company’s website and find a service or product elsewhere. Simply put, converting website traffic to actual profits is nearly impossible if you aren’t catering to your customer base where their Web consumption is centered – on mobile. On the Mark Digital’s web development team pushes the envelope of mobile optimization by not only getting your website up to speed, but by utilizing the latest and greatest tools of mobile marketing to ensure your company’s website is intuitive and flexible enough to meet growing demand and the skyrocketing number of mobile users, both worldwide and in your target markets.

Need even more incentive to put your company website’s mobile optimization in the hands of the experienced web development and marketing team at On the Mark Digital? Recent findings indicate that a mobile-optimized website can increase consumer engagement by a staggering 85%! That’s fantastic news for you if your website is at the top of the mobile-ease food chain, as over 50% of mobile searches lead to a purchase. Whether it is slashing loading times and simplifying content, utilizing large, clear images, or creating mobile-friendly calls to action with the help of everything from large text to mobile-centric video, On the Mark Digital will make you money through web development techniques centered around the mobile web experience. The primary objective of your mobile website should be to make things easier for your customers, giving them the right information at the right time to turn visibility into conversion. Unless you’re removing the natural clutter of traditional Web browsing with a mobile site built for the on-the-go Web user’s wants and needs in mind, the numbers simply won’t add up. You’ll be left holding the bag while other companies reconfigured that mobile website experience and reap the rewards of doing so.

In short, On the Mark Digital’s web development and marketing teams know where the money is at for your company – on mobile! A mobile-optimized website will give you a major leg up on competitors with websites still stuck in mobile limbo. Not only will a mobile-friendly website take advantage of surging conversion rates on mobile on the eCommerce whole, it will also ensure visibility as Google alters its algorithms to penalize websites which muck things up for the search engine giant’s vast user base. What that means is that mobile optimization isn’t just a way of pushing your company’s marketing strategy forward – it’s also a necessary step to ensure your past digital marketing efforts, such as in the realm of Search Engine Optimization, remain effective and profitable. On the Mark Digital’s web development team will protect your company’s financial well-being through cutting-edge web development techniques, both simplifying engagement terms with your mobile customer base and finding new ways to take advantage of that growing cache of customers. The world of eCommerce is rapidly shifting its focus towards mobile. The experienced web development team at the On the Mark Digital is ready to help you take advantage of that fact, piecing together a mobile-optimized website experience that both attracts and maintains a base of loyal consumers.