Social Media Marketing: Beyond Its Reach

Social Media Marketing: Beyond Its Reach 1

Marketers are focused on the reach of their social media messages as key of measurement. If you post a video, image or a tweet, reach represents how big the audience is and its potential impression. But marketers are realizing that reach though it is vital at the start of the campaign is not just the sole responsible for the online success and contributes few meaningful insights into long-term customer engagement.

In fact, there are two main areas to monitor –message consistency and audience sentiment. Paying attention to this allows marketers to better control the impact of their social media presence.

Social Media Marketing: Beyond Its Reach 2
There are more ways to engage your audience than you may realize

Social Buzz

Create something that will allow the audience to engage with your post such as asking for opinions, asking them to share their thoughts and experiences. It’s surprising how competitors also engage.

Message Consistency

Stay consistent. Whether you create healthy and good vibes out of your post or it receive a negative feedback, just be consistent and take control of your social media.

Sentiment Analysis

Marketers could keep track of the hashtags to describe the sentiment of a potential message. They use third party social media tools to maintain a dedicated channel.

The latest analytic solutions are quite complex in gathering data. However, the marketers are understanding the reaction of a message better. For example, sentiment analysis can be applied to the social media posts through R Programming. This is done by taking the words from a tweet, removing the punctuation and specialty terms and then comparing the words against a lexicon. Evaluating the audience feeling from the words o post can help marketers see the emotional impact of the messages.

Noting how far a post was reposted indicates volume, but knowing if people appreciate the post is not covered.