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By signing below you agree to the following terms:
  • You are an authorized agent/signee of the Client for which is engaged in a web development contract with On The Mark Digital. That the client has found the design mockup to be of a satisfactory design and that he/she understands that the website design mockup is a direct reflection of what the new website will look like.
  • You are authorizing On The Mark Digital to proceed with the aforementioned design.
  • You understand that any changes to the original design mock-up, from the date of this signature, could result in added costs to the client, at a rate of $89.00 per hour and that On The Mark Digital reserves the right to solely determine the costs of any such changes, to the original design, by any methods it deems acceptable and common practice. Furthermore, On The Mark Digital will provide an estimate of any additional costs and will only proceed when you or the client has approved the additional costs.
  • You authorize On The Mark Digital to proceed to the next phase(Coding) of the website project.


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