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Sales Funnels Are The Secret to Success

Let’s create a landing page with an amazing offer to engage your target audience to interact with your promotions. All that is needed is to create some ads on the internet that lead to sales funnel landing page with a great offer. The objective is to get your web visitor to make a purchase, sign-up for a coupon, give you their email address, access a download, or something that has value related to their need. We call this the baited hook strategy. Watch the sales funnel videos below to get a better idea of how we can use ads and sales landing pages to attract new leads or customers.

Watch The Videos Below

Product Sales Funnel

The Product Sales Funnel sends paid advertising traffic to a sales landing page, with the intention of converting web visitors in buyers and upselling them through a series of upsell and downsell offers.

The Lead Magnet Funnel

A Lead Magnet Sales Funnel starts with an advertisement that offers value by giving something away for free or an incredibly low cost. We offer a value proposition in exchange for their contact information.

The Survey Sales Funnel

The Survey Sales Funnel is an ingenious way to study your audience by asking them to qualify for an appointment. Understanding your customers needs is the first step in solving thier problems.

The Mini-Class Funnel

The Class Funnel offers a free video class or lesson as a way to offer valuable content in exchange for your viewer’s contact information. The idea is to brand and build trust with your audience.

The Webinar Funnel

A Webinar Sales Funnel is a way to get cold traffic to register for a video class or seminar that aligns with their interests. The goal is to get your targeted demographic to sign-up, watch, and inquire!

The Application Funnel

The Application Funnel is all about feeding your sales pipeline with qualified leads. We use an application process to pre-qualify our demographic and get them to book an appointment with your sales team.


We attract your ideal customers on search engines, social media, and video sites. The goal is to make them click on your ad and give you their info!

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